Friday, April 16, 2010

No Natural Hair on the Job...Not Yet !!

Well, as I just wrote in my previous blog, I have my career finally !!! I wore a synthetic lace front the first couple of days, but the lace was bothering me way too much, it irritated to the point I broke out on my hairline and scalp! That bothered me, not to mention the fakeness of it. I hate how synthetic hair looks like Barbie Doll hair !! Ughhh. I cracked and bought myself a human hair lace front and I will never buy synthetic again !! LOL...I bought this wig off of the mannequin head for a 20% discount so I don't have all of the info on it's name but if anyone wants to know I'll go back to my BSS to find out for you =)

Here is how it looks on the mannequin...

.... and this is my work look ! I love it. I can't wait until my hair is this long. Hopefully after a year and a half I'll be close..

I plan on wearing my real hair to work as soon as it is long enough to put in a ponytail/cute updo. For now it's still too short, but hopefully by the end of the summer I'll be able to =)

My New Job...

Hey ladies !!! Well if you've read the older blog posts, you know I wrote about how I needed time to get away from youtube and the hair boards to get things in my personal life together. I didn't want to talk about all of my personal matters back then, but I can talk about everything going on now that it's all worked out =)

I have a new job !!! After being unemployed for almost 8 months, I finally am working again. I feel so blessed ! I've been training for the last 2 weeks and I still have about 2-4 more weeks of training. My training is rigorous, I have to become acquainted with a million and one different software programs and the correct way to use them. It's been alot of fun learning though !!! Somewhere in the hustle and bustle of my orientation and my hands on training I've been sooooo tired and just haven't had time to update here and especially not on youtube or the hair boards. I know time will free up eventually though !

I just wanted you all to be caught up on my doings so that you won't worry too much =)

I sincerely thank everyone for all the kind words and prayers ( a huuuuuge thank you to Nakeisha, Kim, Diana,Laine, and Sweetfm for their prayers for me !) and to everyone else who I haven't talked to yet but just wrote hello to me on any of my pages. Thank you all for just remembering me if nothing else, it's nice to know I have extended friends =) Right about now, you ladies know more about what's going on in my life than my own personal friends, hahahahaha .. I love typing in my blog about everything !

As always, thank you for reading everyone. I hope you enjoy your weekend !!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

8 Months Since the Big Chop !! ( Afro Puff Comparison )

Hey Ladies !! Well I just wanted to write a very short and sweet blog to update you !

On March 29th, I made it to 8 months post Big Chop !!! Today I'm rocking a super-sized puff and I LOVE it. Earlier today, my sister, who has teased me since the big chop by calling me She-baldi (hehehehe !! that's still funny to me)...

well get this... She says to me, "I like your hair today. It looks nice." :-O *jaw drop* Did I hear her correctly??? Wow !!! lol... My sister always asks me if I'm going to straighten my hair, or get it blown out and I constantly tell her no, I don't like it straightened. This is the first time she's told me that my natural hair looks nice, as is. I was shocked, like Fred Sanford, hand over heart, "Elisabeth, I'm coming to joing you !" shocked. Don't get me wrong, she doesn't call my hair ugly, but whenever I ask her if she likes it, she says how it will look cuter once it gets longer. Can't say I disagree with that, because I honestly have always felt that way.

Anyways, I'm just SO HAPPY that it's growing to the point others can see it =)

Here is a pic of my puff today. My hair almost completely covers the back of my hairline!! I can't wait to see my ponytail in another 8 months !

... and to the transitioners, hang in there!!! Here is an 8 month comparison of my afro puff. The pic on the left is from August 2, 2009 (4 days after the BC).
The pic on the right is today, April 1,2010 ( almost 8 months later)!! My hair has been growing the average 1/2 inch a month, nothing miraculous. I'm just glad to be retaining the length.

HHJ Everyone !