Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Second Flat Iron !!

Yesterday I rolled my hair for my 4th time. I'm so happy because I've graduated roller sizes !!! I can use the red rollers now !!! (not much of a difference at all, but an accomplishment nonetheless for me lol)

After rolling I did a saran wrap, and then lightly flat ironed on low heat to make the hair lay down a bit.. here are the pics !!!

Check it out in my latest video, My Flat Iron parts 1 and 2

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shrinkage Comparison !!

This is my hair after a wash and go, and also after combing out my rollerset. Wow ! What a difference... I love rollersetting for these cold winter months, it's nice to have hair on my neck once again. Rollersetting every week is helping my patience while I'm growing out this TWA !!

What I love most about rollersetting is that it becomes easier with time, my hair becomes "trained" to stay straight, and for longer, and when I prepoo or wash my hair, the curls snap right back and they have absolutely NO heat damage !!

Thank you for reading !!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

2009 Hair Journey Progress Picture !!!

It was a great year.. I did my BC, and pretty much made it back to where I was last year =) .. I'm excited to see what this year brings !

My Results with Miconazole Nitrate (MN)

Alot of people want to know more about my personal results with MN, so here is the progress pic blog I originally wrote on the Hairlista network in September. That was also when I stopped using MN. I have copied and pasted it for you, enjoy !


Well I wanted to post the results of my personal 2 month MN challenge that I planned to do from my big chop ( July 29 ) to the end of this month (Sept. 30)

I know I'm cutting my challenge short,but I am too lazy to continue using and mixing MN every other week lol.. MN is wonderful, but the cream and oil separate and I'm so tired of shaking and mixing vigorously every time I have to apply. That is the only drawback I've had with it.

It has really helped my nape too. I'm no longer bald there, I have enough hair that I'm not ashamed to wear updo hairstyles with it showing ( I'll take pics of it soon for comparison). My baldie is the reason I tried MN in the first place. One of my friends on another hair board wears wigs bc she is balding in patches on her head. She tried tons of products but MN worked best to fill the spots in. She saw my blog back in March about my balding and suggested MN, but I wasn't trying to hear anything about coochie cream lol...Well 3 months later, it was too hot to wear my hair down all the time to hide my nape and I wanted to rock my bun so I tried it out. It's not a miracle, but it did work to be so cheap lol... I had ringworm on my nape back in gradeschool and the hair never grew back in sadly ... I've spent a good hundred dollars the past 10 years buying products that are supposed to regrow balding napes and edges and nothing else worked so quickly ( I havne't tried Rogaine though )

Just in case you can't tell, the pic on the left is from March 4, 2009. If you use my ears as a reference point, you can see my hairline stops at about the middle of my ear. In the second picture, its harder to tell, but my hairline starts at the bottom of my earlobe ( took that pick Sept. 6). Yay !! lol.. like I said, MN is no miracle product, but it really did work. I tried WGO and Castor Oil on my nape exclusively and I had no luck. I will go back to MN soon, I"m just lazy right now lol

I want to use EVCO exclusively for my next challenge. I am really loving the idea of using all natural and organic products now, my hair is responding so well to them, its time to use them on my scalp lol. I just started with Biotin this week, and I look forward to starting MSM powder when I go to my doctor and get the go-ahead =)

*** I've been applying MN 3-4 times a week to my entire scalp. I massage my scalp after I apply it, and I take a multivitamin everyday. That's it ! My MN is mixed with regular 100% castor oil and wild growth oil =) ****

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rollerset Again !!

Here is the third attempt at rollersetting ! This time I rolled from ear to ear first, and omitted the mohawk method. I like it MUCH BETTER this way ! I was able to get rollers on and didn't need the flexi-rods. Here are the pics :-)

How I Did It:

-pre poo overnight with Elasta QP DPR-ll
-shampooed with KeraCare Shampoo for Weaves & Extensions
-sprayed ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea over my hair and combed through
-rubbed 5 squirts of my KeraCare Foam Wrap Lotion into my hair and combed through
-rolled with 33 turquoise rollers
-sat under my hooded dryer for over an hour, then airdried the rest of the night
-fell asleep with the rollers in my hair !! (it wasn't comfortable at all either)
-took down the rollers, and saran wrapped my hair, then back under the dryer for 15-20 mins
-shake and go !

I made a youtube video if you want to see how it looks real time =)

Thank you for reading =) !!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fro-Hawk Fail

Last sunday, I tried doing the frohawk... It didn't work !! I just don't have the right hair to pull off this look yet. Honestly, I don't have the right persona either.. My style is more of a reserved one. I just DID NOT feel right and I felt it looked wrong on me. This style is for the bold & edgy woman !! That's not me anymore, hehehehehe. Maybe I'll try again in the future though :-)

on a much better note, my favorite style ( THE AFRO PUFF !) is only growing larger every month !!! I'm TOO happy about that !! I hope to be able to make a decent sized ponytail by the summer, so that I can go swimming with it =P

I hope I don't sound vain and conceited, but I just want to stare at this pic when I see it !! The huge afro puff is one of my reasons for going natural !!!

Beauty Supply Store Haul !!

Hello Everyone !! I hope you all had a great week and are ready for this weekend =) On the first of the month, I had the chance to go to the Beauty Supply Store and restock on some hair goodies ! I have cut out my former Product Junkie ways, and now I pretty much rely on my natural & organic products mostly. That makes me so happy ! My coils on the other hand, have been begging me to buy their old-time favorite, Elasta QP DPR-11...

I ran out of my beloved DC shortly after my big chop. I had such a hard time finding it at any of my local BSS (beauty supply stores). Well Monday I found it !! I almost walked right past it, I didn't recognize it in the new jar ! Not only is the jar new, something about the consistency, color, and smell are all new !! I didn't see any changes in the ingredient list though, so I was partially confused. At first I worried if it would still give me my PERFECT results like it used to..Well I applied it yesterday night, and while applying to my hair and using my "Fenman" ( fake denman!) to get it on evenly, I immediately fell right back in L-O-V-E!! I honestly can't tell a difference in the way it made my hair look and feel (compared to how it made my hair feel in the past when I used it). Somehow the product is different though, but I just don't know how. I need to go check the Elasta site and find out..I have no complaints though !!!

The second product I purchased was Lustrasilk's Shea Butter Cholesterol with Mango !! I hear great things about this particular product. In the past, I used the carrot oil formula on my relaxed hair, but sadly it did nothing for me. Since completing my BC, it has only done marvels !!! Go figure ... lol. Well the Shea Mango Cholesterol was just as FABULOUS !! I had to make a youtube video on how great it was =) I went heavy while applying it, because it seemed as if I didn't even apply any to the shaft. It almost felt like putting creamy water on my hair, it did nothing !!! I kept applying it though, and hoped that it wasn't a waste of my 3 dollars... Well sure enough, after letting it sit on for 30 mins, it made my hair feel sooooooo soft and it really defined the curls !! It will definitely become one of my staple prepoo/deep conditioners ! It is great to be fairly cheap. That is great for me because I don't have money to spend on a costly DC... I just want something that does great, and costs less !! I've found that in this product.

I also bought some more mango butter ! It ran out around the same time as the DPR-11. I wanted this again because I need something creamy to moisturize with when I rollerset ! My water based products would cause my hair to revert, and I'm not a fan of moisturizing with oil on dry hair unless I'm doing a hot oil treatment !!

So now I have all 3 of my babies !!! My Elasta QP Mango Butter & DPR-11 and my Shea Mango are all keepers forever =)