Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fro-Hawk Fail

Last sunday, I tried doing the frohawk... It didn't work !! I just don't have the right hair to pull off this look yet. Honestly, I don't have the right persona either.. My style is more of a reserved one. I just DID NOT feel right and I felt it looked wrong on me. This style is for the bold & edgy woman !! That's not me anymore, hehehehehe. Maybe I'll try again in the future though :-)

on a much better note, my favorite style ( THE AFRO PUFF !) is only growing larger every month !!! I'm TOO happy about that !! I hope to be able to make a decent sized ponytail by the summer, so that I can go swimming with it =P

I hope I don't sound vain and conceited, but I just want to stare at this pic when I see it !! The huge afro puff is one of my reasons for going natural !!!


  1. it does look beautiful Michele =] it doesn't sound vain or conceited
    God Bless

  2. lol you dont sound vain at just adore your own hair and the natural puffs!!! lovely girly!!

  3. Gorgeous puff girl! That fro hawk is fierce too! Girl, I understand how you feel about having the persona! You have it though! Confidence is key, and you have it!

  4. Thank you so much Ladies =) I retried this a few weeks ago, I LOVED it ! I'm about to write about that today !