Friday, August 20, 2010

Did I Just Ruin My Edges?!?

I've decided to go back to MN. My nape and edges seem as if they have thinned from the wearing of my lace front, so enough is enough. I don't want to risk any damage. I am going to try some protective styles on my real hair and wear them from now on. I'm thinking rollersets and afro puffs again =).

Since I am challenged when it comes to styling my own hair, I plan to visit a local salon that specializes in natural hair. I hope they can give me styling choices to look cute with and still look professional and polished!! It will be my first time going to a salon since my last relaxer back in December of 2008. I hope to visit it by the beginning of next week.

I was going to keep this a surprise, but I can't hold it in when I'm this excited. I finally want to color my hair !! I am thinking of getting some highlights only in the front of my hair to start off slowly and gradually lighten as time goes on. I want to monitor my hair to see if it becomes damaged at all. I really don't think it will though. I've been wanting highlights on the top for the longest time now, since I did my BC. I think I'm going to ask the stylist to give me a Keri Hilson -like color service like her hair is here :

.... I really like her color there. I just want something small and subtle, yet cute. This look is perfect to me to achieve those kind of results. I won't be risking too much damage by starting small. Wish me luck !!! =)

**** I don't normally moderate comments, but I understand alot of people are against MN. I don't mind disagreements, but I will monitor this thread in case someone decides to disrespectfully bash my decision !! I know that won't happen though. I Love You all !! Thank you for reading =)

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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your hair after your salon visit little sis!!