Sunday, September 18, 2011

September Blowout

Yesterday (9/17/2011) I had the joy of going to the salon for another Dominican blowout !!!

I did my prepoo that morning with some Nexxus Humectress and Hot Six Oil on my dry hair, then I headed out to the salon.

Once I got there, I was shampooed, deep conditioned under a Pibbs dryer, and asked if I wanted my hair set on rollers or just blown out. For time's sake, I opted for a blowout [[ I know what you're thinking, but hey, we all take shortcuts at one time or another right?!?]]

My hair was blown out with a roundbush and dryer, and then I was asked if I wanted a trim. I definitely wanted one !!! My stylist (Elita) cut about 1/4 in some areas, 1/2 in others, and possibly even a whole inch in the front where the ends needed some help. I LOVE MY RESULTS!!! My hair is so even and smooth. I love my layers once again. I probably will get one blowout a month, if even that. I currently have my eyes set on 2 lace front wigs that look exactly like my own hair textures [one curly, the other a yaki straight]. I hope to be able to purchase them ASAP so that I can give my hair another much needed break for maximum length retention.

Here is my new length after the trim!! Mid-Back/Waist Length hair, I'm coming for you !!!!


  1. Gorgeous hair!
    I still remember when you BC'ed! You've come a long way :)

  2. OMG girl, your hair is so beautiful! Every time you do an update I am in awe of how fast your hair has grown back and then some! I remember your BC and you for sharing :-)

  3. Shelley you progress is amazing!! You make me want to get my hair blown out but I dont know when that's going to happen, I'm just too damn lazy. But wow, its amazingly beautiful keep up the good work...Waist length here she comes!!