Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Progress Pics Time !!

I am 3 days shy of January 29, 2009... The 29th makes exactly 6 months since my Big Chop !! Last night I did my second rollerset, it came out really well! (check my previous blog)

After I saran-wrapped my hair, I pulled half of it up with my claw and combed the back down. Here is the result:

Even though the rollerset loosened all the kinks, my hair is still shorter than it's true length. I did a slight tug on the ends to give you idea of how it would look had I used my flat iron to go over that part. I am really happy !! My hair is growing out nicely and I'm glad I can now document the progress here for everyone. Here is my tugged hair, lol :

For those who may not be members on the hair boards, you have probably never seen my hair straightened. Here is my pikistrip comparison I made last night !

The first pic on the left was taken September 9th, the middle pic was taken November 15th, and the right pic was taken last night on January 25th, 2010 !!! I am so happy to have done my big chop, I don't think my hair would have flourished like it has if I transitioned longer than the 7 months I was able to go.

Thank you for reading everyone !! =) Be Blessed


  1. Wooo Hoooo congrats! Good job. I'm happy for you and will always follow your progress. XOXO (LalaTshi)

  2. wow now that's amazing growth!! you know I have to do a lot of tugging too when I do length shots lol =) your hair looks great!!
    love you girl!!
    Be Blessed,Nakeisha

  3. Wow! Your hair is growing so nicely!! That's amazing and it's only been 6 months. Are you still using MN? I still have fear of the BC so I'm going to hang in there...but please know you are definitely an inspiration. Thank you!
    Peace and blessings

  4. Hey Lala !!! Thank you so much !!!

    Nakeisha I always love your updates too !! I'm glad I'm not the only one doing it either ;-)

    and Ms. Harmony, Thank you SO MUCH for that encouragement! I haven't been using the MN anymore, just plenty of water, my biotin, coconut oil, and PRAYER =) I know you'll be excited when you finally decide to do it no matter how far away that date is from now. Let me know if I can do anything to help you(and I do mean anything !) I pray you're Blessed too =)