Saturday, May 1, 2010

My "Bunny-tail"

I came across my bunnytail today by accident!

I decided to use Wild Growth Oil on my scalp when I woke up this morning, I haven't used it in a very LONNNNNG time and wanted to revisit it. It left this waxy film-on my scalp !! Then the smell of it was upseting me. I couldn't stand it anymore so I washed and shampooed my hair. The film was still on my hair!! It felt like a thin coat of candle wax was on my scalp. I realized that I would need to apply plenty of cheapie conditioner as a prepoo to get the film to soften and eventually come off, YUCK...

Anyways, my hair was still wet from being washed. I used a generous amount of Aussie Moist all over and pulled my hair into a pony. I haven't used it since last year, in December. I just applied it any kind of way, but my hair dried soooo pretty !! All I could think about was how pretty it would look if I had actually detangled and used the rake & smooth method to define my hair ! I'm going to try shingling my hair sometime later this month if I have time. Here are the other pics, enjoy !


  1. your hair is growing so much!! I'm looking forward to when I have a bunny tail lol =) It's good to hear an update from you little sis =)

  2. Hey honey bun! Your hair looks amazing! You have a nice ponytail! I wish I could get one. lol Glad to hear that you've been well. I was wondering how you were but said I would let you go through your time and talk to you when you were ready. I should have been checking hear way more often. I would have found you. Hugs, kisses and I pray God's blessings, grace and mercy upon you.

  3. NO....I have a bunny tail! Your hair is really growing amazingly (is that a word?