Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hair Hiding Again

I've decided that I want to go back into hair hiding because my hair grows like a weed when I'm not touching it everyday. I am going to stick to washing & DCing once a week, and I will oil my scalp a few times a week as needed. I will also moisturize my hair as needed ( probably every other day).

I decided to go back to wigs because my schedule is just to hectic to deal with my hair everyday, and it's just easy to throw a wig on for a week and wash on the weekend !!! I am about to order my first full lace wig online too, I want a nice body wave wig that I can flat iron !!! I can't wait for that unit to arrive and show the pics of her.

Here are the wigs I am in right now... The first wig is my work wig, I rollerset it all the time to restore the curls. It is a wet and wavy type lace front that I bought from my local beauty supply store.

The second is a half wig that I cut to make more subtle... That thing was huge !!!

The first wig is by Zury, it's a lace front (not to be confused with a full lace wig) and it's called Ashanti..The second wig is a by Outre named "Evony".

Thanks for reading !!


  1. I'm so loving the half wig!! Cute!! check my blog out and enter some giveaways:-)

  2. They look great Michele! Love it! Great protective style. I'm thinking of trying more protective styles lately to give my hair a break. Great job cutting Evony. You'll have to do a tutorial on that some day.

  3. on ur youtube vid(33-YummyScentsation) on this pic of the evony wig after cuttin it did u apply any products or water to achieve the wet look to it or does the hair naturally looks that way. and it is very lovely on u

  4. So cute! It also look shiny and clean. Wearing a wig happens to be my niece's habit. Although her hair is so straight and beautiful, she wanted to don curly and colorful wigs. She also kept in her closet motown tress wigs and lace wigs, mostly coming from her friends as gifts and her shopping adventures here and abroad. Nice post, Shelly! Keep them coming!