Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Price of Being Cute...

Yesterday was my youngest sister's 16th birthday! Our family went out for dinner. It was very hot and I decided I did NOT feel like wearing a wig. At the very last minute, I decided to do a quick wash and go. I knew I wouldn't have time to prepoo for at least an hour or overnight like I normally do, so I figured I would leave some Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Conditioner in so that my hair would smell really sweet :-)

.... I could kick myself for doing that !! Something told me not to use the Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Conditioner, use my Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner (dimethicone free) instead. Suave always keeps my hair soft and detangled. Well of course the HE LTR is LOADED with fragrances and cones, both of which lead to my hair being TERRIBLY dry. For some reason, my hair always feels dry hours later after using my Long Term Relationship. That's not good, usually it takes a few days for me to feel the dryness a product can cause, but not with this particular conditioner.

Here was my hair before, it looked so soft, smelled sweet, and felt so great that I made a tweet about it !!

Just hours later and especially by the next morning, my hair felt and looked so dry !! I am going to make a youtube video so that you can see how bad my hair looks and feels. I took pics, but for some reason my camera is just not capturing the full extent of the dryness. The flash takes away from how serious the problem is, LOL... I really need to toss the HE LTR or give it away. It's just not a good product for my hair type. This product is always a hit or miss. 95% of the time, it's a miss. I haven't had a good experience with it since my relaxer days. I just don't have the heart to throw it away since I spent money on it.

As always, I am once again depending on my organic products to undo the damage and be my cure all! I wish I would have just washed with my Zipporah Beauty like I always do, but time didn't allow me to properly wash and deep condition the way I like to. No more shortcuts... I will make a youtube video so that everyone can really see just how dry my hair is right now and the steps I take to fix it.

Thank you for reading, as always !


  1. Yup, my relaxed hair HATES the Herbal Essences conditioners.... at least as a co-wash. I've been using my Hello Hydration as a leave-in occasionally w/o problems though.

  2. Your hair looks great if that helps Girl, I know how it feels, but you're well on your way to recovery. I do the same thing...use a product in my hair that I just know won't do me right. That was hard earned money spent and it's hard to just toss it. Sometimes you gotta do what's best for your hair. Give it away if you don't just want to throw it away.