Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thank You !

Thank you to all 85 readers who voted in the poll !! The majority of my readers are transitioning (44%) with a close 38% of ladies/gents who are already natural! That really shocked me, I thought the majority of my readers were recent BC-ers like I was. I never gave much thought into sharing my transitioning stories, but with this newfound info, I definitely will write more blogs geared toward the transitioners !! I will transfer some of my hair board blogs I wrote during my 7 month transition to this page. I am also going to begin featuring women who are transitioning (or have transitioned) so that you ladies can bond together. That is crucial for a successful transition. I would have quit and just relaxed if I didn't have my online friends (and my designated transition buddy Diana) on the hair boards to support me. I never told any of my friends in real life of my plans, because none of them could understand or appreciate my healthy hair journey. I want you ladies to be able to stay close and connected and encourage each other !

A good percentage of ladies are already relaxed/texlaxed and plan on staying that way (14%). Thank you to those readers as well, it makes me so happy that someone is reading even though you have no plans on going natural. I will begin to write about inspirational relaxed ladies too who have grown there hair out from damaged lengths to much more healthy, full lengths.

Only 2% of the chemically treated ladies are considering transitioning in the future. Don't worry, I won't try to sway your decision !! Going natural has to be a subjective decision, I don't ever deliberately try to change someone's mind, that pressure can lead to regret later on.

This insight really helps !! I never know who is reading so it's harder to think of what to write about. I will continue to document my HJ, but I will also write blogs geared to all women on a HHJ so that you can feel inspired =) Please feel free to share if you have an idea of what you would like to see mentioned on this blog. Have a great week everyone !!! =)


  1. You are so right girl. If I didn't have you by my side, I really don't know how well my transition would have been. I think having you there made the journey a fun and easy one, and now having you as my all natural buddy and BC buddy, it's going to be that much more fun because we can see the progress we're making since we started this journey together.

  2. Oh yeah, great idea about posting transitioners, naturals, etc. so that others will have more people to relate to and discuss their journey with.

  3. Sign me up as the first transitioner :*) Lord knows I need the additional support!

  4. ive been following u for a while. ur hair is beautiful. ive been transitioning for 6 months and i will be doing the bc in aug 2012! check my utube my user name is honeyk1020 im doing vid cuz i havent seen any ling term transitioners on utube and i thought is put my 2cents in!

  5. Thanks for your blog, you are very encouraging. Today is my 16th day after the big chop and reading your blog and watching your youtube videos are quite inspiring. After the big chop I felt so relieved but at the same time didnt know what to do. All in my life I have had long hair. I will keep on watching your video. Many thanks