Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel- First Try

Well I finally purchased this product after hearing so many youtubers and bloggers rave about it. I went to Sally's Beauty Supply on Thursday and it was on sale for $3.29. That price seemed good to me ! I bought the 32 oz jar and it will probably take me 2 years to use it all up. There's no way I can use all of it anytime soon. Anyways, I did my 2 strand twists with it in place of shea butter. The results were very pretty, but nothing worth going crazy over. I can't tell the difference between my results with this or any other product I use. I didn't use too much because I didn't want crunchy hair. I had intentions of undoing and wearing my twists out, but I still am not comfortable with my length. I ended up pulling my hair into a puff, as always. I can say though that I'm happy my hair isn't crunchy or hard at all. I look forward to revisiting this product in the future when my hair is longer, but for now I'll let my Mom and sisters use it. Maybe I'll use it to slick my puff back sometimes. I would rather wait until my hair is longer before I start to play with other styles other than the puff. Just my preference :-)

I did have a highlight of my day though !! I saw my old transitioning photos on fotki from one year ago and I was inspired to do a comparison photo. I'm really happy at what I see! One year ago I had about almost 3 inches of NG with those long stringy relaxed ends hanging... Now one year later I have 9 inches of all natural, thick healthy hair on my sides ! The inches honestly don't matter though, I'm just glad the strings are gone !!! Hang in there transitioners =)


  1. Great Shelley!!! OMG I really thought I was following your blog honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Much love and keep on doin your thing:=)

  2. Wow! Oh Wow...such an inspiration. I know how you feel about not being comfortable with your length. I feel the same way which is why I haven't BC'd yet. I'm trying to hang in there and wearing my hair hidden is helping alot. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.