Friday, August 20, 2010

Another One Year Comparison Pic *Everyone Rolls Eyes* LOL

Yes, yet another comparison !!! But I have to say, I don't do it to pat myself on the back or make myself feel good. I know and I can tell my hair is growing and I'm blessed =)

I do post the comparisons because there are SOOOO many women who recently BC-ed and tell me how much the comparisons and videos keep them motivated to stay natural or continue transitioning. I agree... I love to look at fotki's and Hair board albums of women who have documented the journey for over a year's time. I personally just enjoy keeping my HJ documented. I don't think I would have BC-ed if I had not seen Maria G's fotki which documents her journey from the BC until now, about 3 years later. Her fotki was my favorite, among plenty of others. I also enjoy Sera's fotki too, her hip length hair is beautiful and to think she started off with a fade !!! Beautiful type 4 hair.

Oops I got off track.. Where was I? lol

Just Kidding ! Here is another comparison... This is a 1 year ( well more like 11 months, 3 weeks lol) comparison of my chunky 2 strand twists done on wet hair. In August 09 after the BC, I could wrap my twists around about 3 to 5 times max. Now I have twists that hang !!! WOOOO HOOOOOO !!


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  1. Thank for the inspiration! I recently cut my hair into a Rihanna cut. I normally stretch my relaxers, but with the new cut it meant more frequent relaxers. Coupled with a healthier lifestyle, I decided I'd had enough. So now I'm transitioning with a Rihanna cut. I'm almost a 4 months. It is becoming more challenging, so it will soon be tiem to BC. I just don't want to have a caesar. Sigh...

  2. Hey Latoya !! Congratulations on transitioning =)

    I know wigs and weaves aren't for everyone, but have you ever worn them or braids? Maybe micros or a cute crochet style could help you pass time so that you don't have to do a full ceaser ?

  3. I used to wear extensions every Spring when I was in college. I was in a college dance company; with my practice schedule it was the easiest thing to do. (I can actually do my own braids.) Since I don't want to pay for someone to do it, I'd have to braid them myself.

    We'll see. I'll either keep rod setting my hair or braid it unti I'm happy with the length.

  4. Girl I just started following your blog (which I really enjoyed reading BTW... wish I wasn't on my way to work so I could catch up on more) and I will be following to see what you end up doing ! That's good you're a DIY though, that always makes it easier =)

    .... and thank you Nakeisha !! I did stretch the twists though by pulling them into a ponytail holder first until they were about 75% dry like they are in this pic =)

  5. Please continue to post the comparison pics because I love to see them. The pics are inspirational and I can't wait to reach my 1 year mark. Heck I may just do a 1 month natural hair update. LOL!

  6. I love this comparison pics. Its only been 8 months since my big chop and watching your videos and reading the blog has definitely kept me going. I know growth can happen with my texture of hair. Keep being you!

  7. Thank you Ms Harmony !! You always leave the sweetest comments. Please do a one month update ! That's one of the most exciting moments after the BC =)

    and thank you Ashley !! What hair type do you have? I'm soooo glad you said this too...I learned all about natural hair care from women with much thicker and coarser hair than my own! My best friends are all 4C's and showed me how to detangle, stretch, etc... I wouldn't have done it w/o their advice and inspiration =)

  8. You're so right... comparison pics do motivate the rest of us. I just did the BC and it's tough right now but I'm glad to know there are other naturals who pass through that first year with flying colors. Congrats!