Sunday, September 18, 2011

..:: My Regimen ::..

Here is the MOST current version of my regimen as of September 2011. I have copied and pasted it exactly as it appears on my Hair Forum pages. Enjoy !!!! :-)


Quick Update : As of August 3, 2011, my hair is NL/SL when it's unstretched, and it just passes my bra when I do my flat irons. July 29, 2011 marked 2 Years since my Big Chop !

I have Hand-In-Hair Syndrome, so I prefer to do protective styles that don't require me to touch my hair for days and weeks at a time ! Although alot of ppl don't like that I wear wigs and weaves, they were the main reason I was able to retain all of my length each month. I grew my hair from my big chop (which left me with 3-4 inches at EL/NL) to APL in just a year by protective styling. TRUST ME, protective styles work!

Currently I'm enjoying my new length, I've been wearing my hair in stretched hairstyles. I enjoy rollersets/flexirod sets/flat ironing/blowouts, and I love my braidouts when I wear my hair curly. I only wear my hair stretched, I prefer having the length.


I don't have a regimen, I just wash my hair whenever I feel like it. If I had to guess what I do on average, I would say I try to wash it:

■every 10-14 days in the winter, every 5-7 days in the spring, and I cowash every 2 or 3 days in the summer.

■I always prepoo on dry hair, shampoo or cowash, and then apply my leave-ins and begin styling.
If I'm going to do heat styling with my flat iron or for a blowout, I take a few more steps in my regimen.

For rollersetting & Flat Ironing:

■Prepoo overnight on dry hair, shampoo the next morning, apply my light protein treatment, and follow behind that with another moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. Then I apply my leave-in conditioner, foam wrap, and heat protectant serum. I NEVER use double heat, so I do a rollerset first before flat ironing. I've never had any heat damage using this method. I do not worry about heat damage either. If I get it, I'll cut it off. Plain and simple.

For Blow-outs:

■I follow the same method as I would for rollersetting up to applying my leave-ins and heat protectant but instead of rollersetting my hair, I do cornrows to first stretch my hair, wait for my hair to become about 85% dry, then I do the blowout in small, detangled sections. I get incredible stretch using this method, and it's much more gentle on my hair than doing it on dripping wet hair.

■I try to moisturize daily with a dime size amount that I focus on the ends. I seal with oil.

■I oil my scalp every 2-3 days usually.

That's my total regimen in a nutshell


  1. I love your latest video of the blow out! I can't wait until my transition pd is over!

    ~MakeupDesignDiva (Youtube)
    ~Kimmi-M (Blogspot)

    Be blessed!

  2. Thank you so much Kimmi !! I will have to check your channel and blog out right NOW :)I wish you all the best on your transition and the hair of your dreams!! hehehe :-D

  3. Thanks so much! My fotki can be found on my blog in the links section. As for my'll only find favorites there. I haven't had the courage to vlog yet lol, but I can type all day! I'll keep in touch with my progress. And best of wishes to you as you continue on your natural journey!

  4. Hey Shelley..

    Can you just tell me me how long you leave your weave on please? And how long before you wear another one ?

    Oh and your hair looks amazing.

    Did 2 big chops and I'm quite desperate for my hair to grow lol.

    Hope to read you soon (If it can help I have a 3c to 4a hair type )


  5. i love that your regimen is simple--like mine ;)--i love your videos and your blog--try not to stay away too long-love ya much!!!

  6. Shelley girl your hair looks AMAZING!!! Is this the longest your hair has been? Beautiful growth I am so happy for you:)

  7. Your hair looks super healthy. Keep up the good work.

  8. Hi Shelley,
    I was wondering f you can give me your hair routine? I watched you hair growth in the 6th month period, on your last page (Sexysugarshelley). Would you mind sharing the products and regimen that you used? I am trying so hard to grow and thicken my hair. I would really like to grow it another 4 inches, especially to my bra strap. Also how do you manage with the routine and going about your everyday business? I would like to get a good regimen going but I afraid I will look crazy for HELP...I can send pictures if you like, so maybe you can help me see what i should do to help it to grow the extra mile!
    Thanks for any feedback

  9. Great chronicle of your journey!! Stumbled onto your youtube channel and now I'm a subscriber! Looking forward to updates. Thank you!

  10. Hi shelley!
    Your hair is beautiful!!!
    You mentioned in one of your videos(about 2 years ago) that you were using you still use it? And if so,in what frequency?
    Thanks alot:)

  11. Hey little sis!! I know it's been a long time ..but I wanted to stop by & say hello & give you a Big Hug!!! God Bless you sis!!

  12. When are you going to update us on your hair for 2012?

  13. I have been waiting to see an update on your hair too! For 2012!! Here or on youtube :)