Monday, September 5, 2011

What is YOUR Dream Length Hair?

I think we've all asked ourselves this question at some time or another during this Hair Journey.

I used to want Rapunzel-like hair all the way to my hips when I first started my journey and after my Big Chop, but now I think that's a little TOO extreme for my taste.

Now I want a nice curly SL/APL layered look like Rochelle Aytes (I had to Google her name! I've only known her by her character names of Lisa in "Madea's Family Reunion" and Denise in "White Chicks") I think this goal is very realistic since her texture is not too far from my own. The look in this pic can easily be acheived with a good twistout with perm rods, or flexirods!! Her length is believable, and incredibly full and healthy. This is my goal curly hair!! I think by next year I could possibly reach this look...POSSIBLY. LOL

My straight hair goal is exactly similar to the length and cut hair Beyonce has, and my straight hair styling goal is to get the Gabby's voluminous curls. I CANNOT WAIT to be here !!! I hope I am at this length by the spring/summer of 2012. This is so beautiful and healthy (even if they may be lace fronts or weaves. It's not dramatic or overdone at all to me! I really love B's color as well :)

What is your dream length hair, curly, straight, or both? I would love to see a pic if you can post a link below!!!


  1. You know my dream length was only APL because I could never grow my hair pass my shoulders. Now that I have reached APL straight my goal is BSL straight. Curly hair that is shoulder length is perfect for me. This goal may not be the ideal but my shrinkage is MASSIVE. So curly shoulder length hair after shrinkage is perfect for me. Thanks for posting!!

  2. I love Thandie Newtons style. Both straight and curly. This is the hair Id love to have. My hair is longer and I dont plan to cut it but this looks so lovely:

    My dream goal would be hair like Lisa Bonet used to have. Long definde curls and massive. Like this maybe

  3. My dream hair is Bre' from ANTM in the Garnier Fructis commercials...I love the color! But i actually full BSL is my goal that im shooting for...Im almost there but my middle is the problem area so thats what im working on! FOr curly hair, my goal is of course, no other than Joan from Girlfriends!! Although my texture isnt the same, i can always manipulate the look with a twistset or bantuknots!!