Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Blowout & Flat Iron

I did it on Monday, August 23 to measure my length, and I'm pleased. I think next time, I'll let a salon do the flat ironing though !! My iron is just not warm enough to completely straighten my hair. That's okay though!! lol... I really don't like seeing my real hair straightened completely anyways. I just like to have an idea of where I'm at =)

Anyways, here was my fro after taking my cornrows out:

and here I am after my prepoo, shampoo, protein treatment, and my moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. (LOVE THIS FRO TOO LOL)

and here is my hair after blowing it out and LIGHTLY flat ironing it !!! Excuse my ends, but I don't wear my hair straight so I wasn't worried about them looking perfect LOL

Even though I straightened, I ended up just wearing my wigs to work anyways lol... I just wrapped my hair underneath. Wrapping gave it a nice little bend on the ends, it almost looked as if I did it on purpose !! I was going to rock the wig again today (sunday the 29th of august), but honestly I love my ponytail now, I wore that out!! It's really pretty. I've come a long way since last year =)

I will have a video on this entire process very soon !! Right now my house is too crowded to make a video lol.. I tried ya'll, but someone always barged in and it got annoying. Once we all get off of vacation and go back to work and school, I'll have the house to my self and be able to record uninterrupted lol. Thank you for reading as always !!!


  1. YAY!! I'm so happy to see your progress Michele!! loving all that growth & your fro looks amazing!!
    love you girl!!

  2. Thank you Big Sis !! I Love You Too !!! I used your products of course =) I'll be showing that in the upcoming youtube video !!!

  3. woooow this is amazing..u should be happy, your hair is beeeeeautifulllll!!! stay blessed.

  4. excellent progress shelley!!!! you are really doing a tremendous job!!! just beautiful!!

  5. Your hair looks awesome!!!!! You're making soooo much progress!!!!