Saturday, September 25, 2010

The 2nd Blowout Pics !

I forgot to post pics of my second blowout !! Sorry Ladies =)

I made 2 Youtube video documenting the whole process if you would like to see it :

I did a pre-poo, shampoo, protein treatment, deep condition follow up, and then I used some heat protectant serum on damp hair and blew it out !! I LOVED it this time ! My hair was stretched further than last time because I cornrowed my hair first which added length, then I blowdried hair that was already elongated. I got that tip from 1mits1 on Youtube !!! I LOVE her method and I will always use it in the future.

Here are the results of it !!

Thank you for reading Everyone =)

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  1. ..and I would wear it out just like this lol. beautiful head of hair you have!