Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fro-Hawk Retry !!

Well I re-tried the fro hawk earlier this month, this time I liked my results because I washed my hair first !!! I didn't wear it out, but I can tell as it grows larger I'll gain some more confidence with it =)

Here are a few shots of it :

The very top of my hair is so fuzzy and ill-defined compared to the rest of my hair. I love my hair no matter what, but the frizziness and lack of curl on the top is the reason why I limit my styles to the puff only. It just doesn't look good =(

I'm really hoping that as it grows out I can blend it better. I did a light dusting on my hair yesterday, maybe that will help as well ! Right now my hair is straightened, I had to go to a meeting and decided it would be best for me to straighten my hair for it. So I took advantage of my straightened my hair and clipped the fuzzies ! Maybe I'll see a difference on my next wash day later this week =)


  1. Thank you so much Nakeisha !!

    and thank you Kerry !!!


  2. I came across your video for preventing shrinkage and I shared it with a friend. She happens to believe that you need to twist on dry hair to prevent shrinkage. In any case, I have a wet set cream that you may like. It leaves your hair very defined. Let me know if you want to try. I am still in the testing phase but so far everyone loves it