Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stretching My 2 Strand Twists

If you've read my past blogs, you already know how frustrating shrinkage is to me. I almost considered texlaxing my hair because I was so sick of it ! Well I did the rollerset/flat iron look for a month and LOVED it. Now I am loving my puff and fro again, and I have been using chunky 2 strand twists again to help keep my puff looking fresh and cute everyday.

On my Youtube channel, I decided to make a video series on how I "refresh" my fro once it gets dry and lopsided. One of my subscribers offered the suggestion that I try clipping my roots when I twist them in order to prevent that extra shrinkage. She told me how she does this on her twists, and her hair appears almost 3 inches longer. I tried it and it WORKS !!! You could not imagine how happy I was to see longer, fuller hair! I made a youtube video on it to thank her ( Thank you again Chrystal !!) and show the results of my trial. I never wrote a blog until now, here is how my hair looks after I clip it :

I had a hard time capturing how I do it, but I pull the twists downward to stretch the roots, and clip directly above where the twists begin. Be Sure you pull the roots downward and clip with tension. This is what makes the roots stay stretched. If you merely clip your roots, there will be no tension and you won't see any noticable change. The clips should feel securely in place, but not obnoxiously tight either. They don't hurt at all and I usually clip my roots before bed and enjoy the results in the morning ! Try this and let me know if it works for you =)

Be Blessed and Thank you for reading Everyone !