Monday, March 22, 2010

Hair Drama....

This past month, I experienced some really bad drying. I mean REALLY BAD drying!! I don't know what the EXACT cause was, but I am certain I can say it was from the products I use.

Back in December, my hair felt exactly like this (dry and prone to breakage). I completely eliminated my cowashing with Aussie Moist & Tresemme, and I also rid myself of my ORS Hair Lotion. It seemed as if my problems were cured !! I cut out cowashing and began shampooing, and my hair felt much better for the next few months. In early February, I purchased some new products, and also continued on using my Cantu Shea Butter. I found my old Tresemme gel, and I began using it too when I tried shingling my hair.

Although my hair looked SO pretty on wash days, it sadly was becoming so dry and unhealthy in the days after, once again. I cannot say with 100% certainty what is causing the dryness, but I know it is either one or the combination of several products. Although I love them, they can be a gift and a curse. I think my hair also had a slight case of protein overload because I was using my Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In every wash.

I'm not taking any chances on breakage. I refuse to have any setbacks because of a product !!! I am so gentle and I don't ever do any styles to my hair. I wear an afro puff all the time, and it's never pulled too tightly. I keep my hair moisturized, and my scalp oiled. Still, something has been going terribly wrong !! Until I figure this out, I am going back to the products that NEVER let me down.. My all natural, organic products !!! I NEVER have drama with them. I feel bad I stopped with them, the only reason I didn't repurchase them was because I didn't like the smell !! You would think I would love how manageable and soft my hair was, but NOOOO ma'am.. I was obsessed with fruity/fragrant products !! That's just terrible. I'm paying the cost for that silliness now.

My Big Sister, Nakeisha, has finally opened her online store (Zipporah Beauty) and I am RELIEVED... I was about to go out to the Vitamin Shoppe or GNC to buy some natural products, but instead I can give my support to her. She is one of my best friends and my Sister in Christ so I am so happy to be using her line exclusively to help undo all of this damage I've been having. I've used the products twice, once this week and once last week. It seems as if my problems are all gone, so I am going to continue with the Zipporah line EXCLUSIVELY for the next few months just to be sure that my hair woes are completely cured. I really love the line, the products are all natural and organic, plus they smell GREAT ! That's really important to me, I really do not like bad-smelling products. I will write about my experience with each product in detail in my upcoming blogs =)

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  1. aww thank you little sis!! I never knew you were dealing with those issues before you told me... I'm just glad your hair is feeling better =)I'm also so happy my products are working well for your hair ...I also consider you one of my best friend too =)