Monday, March 8, 2010

Keeping the Motivation

I try to limit my comparison photos to once every 3 months so that I don't drive myself insane checking for progress. I'm glad that a full 3 months has passed since my last wet hair comparison shot in November. I was pleased with the results from today !! My hair is dripping wet here and was not detangled at all.

I'm glad that my hair is filling out on the sides each update. I can't wait to see my next update in May! I'm going to buy a nice curling product to try out on my hair so that I can finally wear these curls out !!! They're tired of hiding in the puff or rollersets =)


  1. WOW! Your hair is growing so much and getting thicker and thicker. I can't wait until I'm 100% natural!

  2. Hey! Have you heard about Essence calling for 100% natural sisters.

  3. Looking good Shelly! I sooo feel ya on the hiding the curls thing. I can't wait until I can do more to it. I so curious to see what it'll be like. I bought some curl formers and tried those out last week but for some reason it didn't come out nice to me. I had too many gaps in my head and when I tried to separate the curls it frizzed. IDK, maybe it just wasn't dried enough. I did get a new hair dryer and not sure if i'm liking it. I'll post some pics on my Harlista page if you wanna check them out. How's everything going, girl? Life?

  4. Thank you so much Ms Harmony !! I'm excited for the day I can officially welcome you into the family =)

    .. I checked out the article !! I was alittle bashful at posting though ;-). That almost seems ironic since I'm posting all over the place here & on youtube !!

    @ Lorrett I'll check your page out !! I never had any luck with flexirods, and for some reason I feel I would be disappointed in curlformers because of that. I feel like I have to wait until I have longer hair to get the results we really want, and I'm TIRED of that!! I'm actually about to go into a sew-in or braids so that I can be surprised when I take them out =) Lately I've had Hand-In-Hair Syndrome again hehehehe ! I hope your re-trial will be a success though. As for everything else in life, there's nothing much that's changed. I'm still boring !! lol... I'm just happy the weather should be warming up soon !